PEO Source is uniquely positioned to
advise insurance professionals on HR solutions available to their clients...

including Professional Employer Organizations and Administrative Service Providers.

About PEO Source

We are not a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Administrative Employer Organization (ASP). PEO Source is an independent organization uniquely positioned to advise insurance professionals on HR solutions available to their clients including Professional Employer organizations and Administrative Service Providers. We understand that the decision to contract with a PEO or ASP requires an understanding of numerous business operational issues. We have the experience necessary to guide you and your clients through this complex transaction.

The key is to understand the entire business model of the PEO and ASP industry, including:

  • How the various PEO’s and ASP’s differ from each other
  • How their services financially, operationally, and emotionally impact your clients organizations

PEO Source has a comprehensive understanding of the PEO and ASP Industry. We know that the decision to contract with a PEO may be a significant shift in business operations. Our goal is to assure that our Insurance agent partners and their clients achieve a quality, long-term HR solution.

Our Vision

To relieve Agents the burden of wasting time, resources and energies spent trying to obtain the best  ASO, PEO and BPO services for their unique clients. 

Our Mission

To concentrate our efforts on providing customized solutions that assures brokers, their clients, and professional employer service firms success in a competetive and difficult marketplace.

Our Focus

Partnering with Professional Employer Service Organizations, bringing together advisors, brokers and consultants to form lasting relationships.

Our Principles

  • To honestly represent the interests of our clients
  • To provide our agent partners with accurate, thorough and unbiased information that points out the strengths and possible weaknesses of each service provider so their client makes the best decision for their unique company
  • To provide a full disclosure of all fees, charges and compensation for any product or service.
  • To remember that the value of any plan is the measured result of
    1. Search out and accomplish due diligence on the PEO’s we recommend to our brokers for their clients
    2. Effective execution
    3. To provde the highest quality service to our brokers.

Let PEO Source identify the “right” PEO
for your clients unique business.
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PEO Source combines over 50+ years of Professional Employer Sales, Management, and Insurance industry experience.

We have built trusted relationships with over 30 of the nation’s leading Employer Services Firms.

These companies comprise some of the most recognized and qualified:

- Administrative Service Organization

BPOs - Business Process Outsourcers

PEOs - Professional Employer Organization


• Latin Agents
• Tri County Agents
• National Association of
  Professional Employer Organizations


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