Let PEO Source identify the most suitable and cost effective solution for managing all of your clients HR related functions.

The PEO Source Process

I - Education

Many insurance professionals in the marketplace have only heard about associates losing clients and commissions to a PEO and are unaware of the valuable HR and other services that a PEO offers. As such, our first step is to provide information about the PEO industry and all the services offered. We then try to identify which clients might be susceptible to advances from unaffiliated PEO sales reps.

II - Data Collection

Once a broker is ready to receive quotes from PEO’s for his or her clients, we gather the clients information from the broker and organize it into a PEO proposal package.

III - Analysis of Information

We analyze your clients information and determine what gaps in their HR, risk management and health and welfare benefits may exist and what they are currently spending on these critical functions and responsibilities.  

IV - PEO Proposal

We identify the appropriate PEO’s for your clients unique business, and gather proposals from each of them.

V - Financial Analysis and Review

We analyze the proposals to determine the organizational, cultural and economic impact to their organization. We first provide you and then your clients with our analysis, and identify which PEO satisfies your clients needs.


Data Collection

Analysis of Information

PEO Proposal

Financial Analysis
& Review

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